Monday, 27 June 2011

Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? OPI

OI've seen a few people have done a post on this. I had to get it! I was looking for a really good orange colour for the summer. Of course, OPI would have it ;)

There was not one trace of orange in my romper (purchased from Forever 21) but, it somehow seem to fit.

*edit: after taking this off. It left my nails stained yellow. Unfortunately... it does not go away...:( You have to grow it out.. or when you are wearing it.. you have to chip it away yourself for it not to stain 

Friday, 24 June 2011

Do You Lilac It?

Two easy coats is all you need for this nail polish. I added some stars to it so it wouldn't look too plain.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mesmerize Essie

 This only took 2 coats altogether! I also used Icing's shatter which costed me $6.25(CDN)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nicole by OPI (You're an Angel)

Perhaps, not my most favourite nail polish because it took me 4-5coats..however, I will have to try to sandwich a glitter polish with maybe a different pink as the base? I have to admit though, that glitter sure is alluring...:)

I'll also have to take another photo during the day.. I don't think you get to see the glitter on my nails as much!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Two giveaways I just entered. 

1)Blingernails has reached 100 followers. So she is giving a giveaway where there is an option of what to win. The first option is 4 China Glaze nail polishes and the second one is Spectra Flair holo powder. Giveaway runs until July 21st.

2)heartNAT has reached 100 followers as well and is giving away 7 nailpolishes! Giveaway runs until July 1st.

Both of the giveaways are international!

Monday, 20 June 2011

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

 This took 2 coats and a half using my dominate hand. My other hand took 3 coats. I decided to add a flower to spice it up! I used Charlotte Russe nail pens/brushes to do it!

Polka Dot Nails - Brown & Pink

This is another one of my older nail arts I did. I love the way it turned out. I don't remember which nail polishes I used though! I didn't even realize I owned a brown nailpolish..hmm..

Harajuku Lovers Perfume

This is one my obsessions. I love the cuteness of the bottles. I love the different scents you can get. Each of them girly/floral or a hint of musky in Lil Angel'scase. The First one is called Baby and it smells like a mixture between baby powder and flowers. It is perfect to put on after the shower or right before bed! The second one is G Of The Sea. This scent takes you back to that ocean smells. It has a bit of a citrus smell and is quit floral. However, it somehow reminds me of the beach... The third one is Lil' Angel and has a hint of a musky scent and is floral. All of these scent smells are based on the way they react to my skin. It may differ with everyone. So best way to find out is to test it out at Sephora or a Drug Store :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Colourful Leopard Nails

I did this a while back. My inspiration were the tights from Claire's that had this exact pink as the base and it had primary colours and secondary colours for the leopard "background" all over it. I think I used the Pulsating Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish for the base colour.

Saturday, 18 June 2011


It's a starfish to be exact. I haven't done nail art in a while and seeing as it is summer, why not a starfish:)?

Zoya Mia

Two coats of this is all you need. This colour is perfect to tone down a "loud" outfit or to wear to work (if your work requires neutral colours like mine does).

Friday, 17 June 2011

Nail Polish Shopping

 All costed $6.99(CDN Winner's price). So far the top coat seems to work, but I wasn't prepared for it to dry quit as slow as it did. Overall it dries fast compared to most brands. Just be warned to wait before you decide to open a door and get nail polish all along your door frame, which I did...
 Alright, while I was at Icing, the sales associate decided to give me a lecture on OPI vs. Icing. She claims that Icing is better quality (excluding sparkles). She says that non-sparkle nail polishes does not chip, instead, the whole thing comes off. Which to me doesn't seem better. I don't know but I don't like walking around with nail polish off some fingers, I'd prefer a chip.However, I'll test out quality so I don't make pre-judgments on the brand. The first nail polish is called Green with Envy and it costs $5.00(CDN). The second one is called Broken Glass costing $6.25(CDN). The third one is a duo one with Force of Love and Magnetic Attraction costing $8.50(CDN).
Check out the sparkles on these guys!

 I bought the Last Friday Night the Katy. I have a similar one in a drugstore brand that I bought a long time ago. I will be doing swipes to see if there are any dupes.

I managed to get these for buy one get the second one half off. So the first one is Flowie ($9 CDN) and the second one is Mia for $9.60(CDN).

Essie - Jamaica Me Crazy

 Essie's Jamaica Me Crazy is one of my favourite colours. However, I see myself wearing it during the fall time and perhaps winter over summer. This was only two coats and it was already more than enough. It started drying quickly when I was trying to do the sides I smudged the middle part. So when you put the nail polish, get the whole nail together. It makes it 10x less messier than mine turned out :p. I got this on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $8.99(CDN). I'm sure that Essie sells at American drugstores as well for perhaps a better price on sale. It is definitly worth the money though!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

OPI Sparkly Blue

The other day I bought OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui. Today I finally got to test it out. I decided to test it out with one of the Nicole by OPI's nail polishes(I will have to go get the name after).

 As if one picture was enough ;). This nail polish is perfect for the summer because it isn't too dark! It can also spice up a black outfit for the night.