Friday, 17 June 2011

Nail Polish Shopping

 All costed $6.99(CDN Winner's price). So far the top coat seems to work, but I wasn't prepared for it to dry quit as slow as it did. Overall it dries fast compared to most brands. Just be warned to wait before you decide to open a door and get nail polish all along your door frame, which I did...
 Alright, while I was at Icing, the sales associate decided to give me a lecture on OPI vs. Icing. She claims that Icing is better quality (excluding sparkles). She says that non-sparkle nail polishes does not chip, instead, the whole thing comes off. Which to me doesn't seem better. I don't know but I don't like walking around with nail polish off some fingers, I'd prefer a chip.However, I'll test out quality so I don't make pre-judgments on the brand. The first nail polish is called Green with Envy and it costs $5.00(CDN). The second one is called Broken Glass costing $6.25(CDN). The third one is a duo one with Force of Love and Magnetic Attraction costing $8.50(CDN).
Check out the sparkles on these guys!

 I bought the Last Friday Night the Katy. I have a similar one in a drugstore brand that I bought a long time ago. I will be doing swipes to see if there are any dupes.

I managed to get these for buy one get the second one half off. So the first one is Flowie ($9 CDN) and the second one is Mia for $9.60(CDN).

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