Thursday, 27 October 2011

Vampire Lips

Last post for today I promise!
With Halloween down the corner, I had to some sort of nail art. Keep in mind my time was limited (aka I was doing this at 11pm when I should have been sleeping for early classes the next day), so I had to come up with a design that was simple & fast.. results?

Floral & Turquoise

In this nail art I used China Glaze's For Audrey, which I finally (& sadly) just got! It was hiding in the store and it looked like someone had tried it (unfortunately very messily :@), but I was desperate for this colour. Not only is it by China Glaze, it's the best turquoise out of all I've tried. It was also fun to add some fun floral style to it. I always see people with floral patterns on their nails & I had been meaning to try it out myself!

Westside Warrior & CC HOLO

I had done this look a while back & I completely forgot to upload it for you guys!
I am using Westside Warrior in the Metro collection by China Glaze. I'm pretty sure this is Revvvolution by Color Club. I ordered other "Holo's" by them & overall they were quite pretty but I don't think they are as Holo as they could be! To the pics?

 No Flash:
Westside Warrior can be done in one coat, but only if you are careful (my index finger...not so careful).

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Electric Pineapple Print

 It feels like forever since I lasted officially did some sort of nail art. I have yet to try out my Misa - Heaven White polish. I must say, I am not at all use to a full white polish nail without adding some sort of art to it. I also really wanted to try out my "Electric Pineapple" by China Glaze, but I was a little unsure of how it would look on my nails by itself. So, I decided to do an Electric Pineapple Leopard Print. Results:


Heaven White can take one coat, if done properly, but you get the best results with two coats.