About Me

When I was 12 years old, I had discovered the amazing world of graphic design and working with building websites. I started building my own website and learning how to work with Jasc Paint Shop Pro. I knew about Photoshop but at the time Jasc was a lot more appealing to me. I was really attracted to texture and design within the graphics I made. This later translated into nail art and different colour combos I try to do that is different.

 At 12 years old, I loved doing other people's nail polishes but hated the way it looked on my own nails. As I grew older, my taste for nail polish began to grow. However, I never knew about OPI at this time so I went about to buying Sally Hansen. My collection began to grow and grow.When I was about 15 years old is when I started to discover a thing called nail art. I discovered it when I got my first airbrush manicure done. I was amazed by the technique and having designs on your nails. I started to practice and practice. Finally, in 2011 I think with all that practicing it's starting to pay off. No more shaky hands and lines are more precised.

Current favourite brand of polish: China Glaze - It takes one coat and dries fast, while still lasting long! :)

Some Basic Info:
- contact me by chicnight@live.com
- 20 years old
- Occupation: Student
- Location: Ontario, Canada
- Studying Consumer Behaviour & Sociology Honours Double Major in my 3rd year