Monday, 20 June 2011

Harajuku Lovers Perfume

This is one my obsessions. I love the cuteness of the bottles. I love the different scents you can get. Each of them girly/floral or a hint of musky in Lil Angel'scase. The First one is called Baby and it smells like a mixture between baby powder and flowers. It is perfect to put on after the shower or right before bed! The second one is G Of The Sea. This scent takes you back to that ocean smells. It has a bit of a citrus smell and is quit floral. However, it somehow reminds me of the beach... The third one is Lil' Angel and has a hint of a musky scent and is floral. All of these scent smells are based on the way they react to my skin. It may differ with everyone. So best way to find out is to test it out at Sephora or a Drug Store :)

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