Thursday, 21 July 2011

OPI lavender & gold

I really wish my nails would grow. I might have to get a manicure done soon and just paint over it. Short nails drive me crazy! The chemicals where I work eat away my nails so it's hard to keep it long. :(! Once I get my nails done, I think it will make the swatches and nail art 10x better!
   So, I got my wisdom teeth tooken out (just two on the bottoms). I look like a chipmunk right now & the temp. is 40 degrees + (Celsius) aka unbeliveable. Since, I'm stuck in the house, might as well do my nails?:)

 This is Gliterzland & it took 2 coats.It went on perfectly and dried quick!

The glitter was gooey. But, it is definitely worth it! One of my favourite glitter polishes.Lucky Lucky Lavender took two coats. I think I might have grabbed an old bottle because it was thick and difficult.. so unlike OPI.

These were taken with flash but it really shows the glitter off well!

What I used:
Sephora by OPI: Only Gold For Me ($12 CDN)
OPI: Lucky Lucky Lavender & Glitzerland ($9.95 CDN)

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